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'Survivor' contestant Dan Spilo breaks silence after exit: 'I have always tried to treat others with decency'

Dan Spilo is finally opening up after his controversial ousting from “Survivor.” In a statement provided to People magazine, the 48-year-old talent manager lamented his behavior and said that he is “deeply sorry” for his actions. “I am deeply sorry for how my actions affected Kellee [Kim] during the taping of this season of ‘Survivor,’” Spilo wrote to the outlet. “After ...

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Christopher Reeve's 'Superman' cape sells for $193G at auction

The iconic cape that the late Christopher Reeve wore in the 1978 movie “Superman” sold at auction on Monday for $193,750. Reeve — who starred as the Man of Steel in four films — died in 2004 at the age of 52. The cape, which was part of the Julien’s Auctions year-end event “Icons & Idols: Hollywood,” set a new world record as the “most ...

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Woman eats Burger King Impossible Whopper while skydiving, plans to start filming 'weekly food reviews in the sky'

This food reviewer has a lot of altitude. McKenna Knipe, 24, filmed herself pulling off a (seemingly) impossible stunt – chowing down on Burger King’s fake-meat Impossible Whopper while flying through the air in a wingsuit. WISCONSIN WOMAN CALLS POLICE TO REPORT WRONG KFC CHICKEN SANDWICH ORDER The high-flying footage was shared by the South Florida resident, who concealed the sandwich ...

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India grapples with protest violence after government announces non-Muslim citizenship rule

The third day of protests against a new law in India — which would give citizenship to people from neighboring countries fleeing religious persecution unless they are Muslim — turned violent as demonstrators lit buses on fire and fought with police. In Dehli, three buses went up in flames as police fired tear-gas and struck some demonstrators with batons. Chinmoy Biswal, a top ...

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