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PA school district hit with 'ghost teacher' lawsuit

The controversial practice of having “ghost teachers” in public schools is haunting another Pennsylvania school district. A lawsuit was recently filed against the Reading School District in eastern Pennsylvania, alleging that so-called ghost teachers have been paid more than $500,000, essentially to skip teaching classes and instead work full time for the local teachers’ union, the Reading Education Association (REA). ...

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HUGE, deep hole found on Mars

A depression huge and deep on Mars has left astronomers baffled. It was discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NRO), which has been studying the Martian surface for 11 years. The vast pit, estimated to be hundreds of feet across and surrounded by frozen carbon dioxide, is located on the south pole of Mars— sticking out among the Swiss cheese terrain ...

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London attackers named by police as profiles emerge – Jeremy Corbyn calls for Theresa May's resignation over police cuts – Canadian victim died in her fiance's arms – Timeline of recent terror attacks against the West – VIDEO: London terror attack: How things unfolded

British police on Monday identified two of the three men who killed seven people during a weekend terror attack — including one man who came to England from Pakistan with his asylum-seeking parents. Cops named Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, and Rachid Redouane, 30, as two of the men shot dead by police during the Saturday rampage, in which a trio ...

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Kathy Griffin: 'He broke me'

Kathy Griffin broke down in tears during a news conference the comedian and her lawyers held Friday to discuss the fallout from the comedian posing with a likeness of President Donald Trump’s severed head. Griffin addressed the backlash that followed the photo being published on Tuesday, telling reporters her career is over after she says the Trump family systematically “mobilized ...

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Man pulls off McDonald's heist

In what was clearly a flawed plan from the get-go, a truck driver in New York City has been fired from his job for selling $20,000 worth of McDonald’s ingredients to a local convenience store in Harlem. Kojo Lockhart, 43, allegedly sold a shipment of frozen McDonald’s food — burger patties, chicken nuggets, bacon, breakfast sausage, etc. — to the ...

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