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1,700 year old mummy REBUILT

An ancient female leader who died nearly 1,700 years ago has been reconstructed using 3-D printing.  The Lady of Cao has been replicated by Peruvian scientists after they analyzed her skull structure and remains. Found in 2006 in northern Peru, the woman, whose birth name is not known, died approximately 1,700 years ago in the Huaca Cao Viejo pyramid, near ...

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George W. Bush turns 71: Fun facts about the 43rd president

Former U.S. president George W. Bush will turn 71 years old on Thursday, less than a month after his father, former president George H.W. Bush, turned 93. Here are some facts about the younger Bush, who served as president from 2001 to 2009.  He grew up in a political family Related Image Expand / Collapse Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, ...

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'Beaver' star: I almost died

When Jerry Mathers got his annual checkup in 1997, he was shocked when doctors said he would only have 3-5 years to live if he didn’t do something about his diabetes. “I was living the good life,” the now 69-year-old actor told Fox News. “I had side businesses and one of them was a catering business. And I was doing ...

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FABRICATED FACTS EPA-backed lab faked illness research, suit says

Duke University has admitted that one of its lab technicians falsified or fabricated research data on respiratory illnesses that were used to get large grants from the Environmental Protection Agency. The admission came Sunday in legal filings that respond to a federal whistleblower lawsuit, which the school tried to get dismissed, by former lab analyst Joseph Thomas, according to the ...

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Trump faces delicate diplomatic dance with Putin meeting, on G-20 sidelines – Italian artist creates Putin portrait using tractor

WARSAW, Poland –  President Trump lands here in the Polish capital Wednesday where he’ll find an audience that’s open to his brand of politics. But while the president will try to show he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with eastern European NATO allies, the visit comes just hours ahead of the biggest diplomatic test of his young presidency: his first meeting with Russian ...

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DEPORTATION DELAY? Trump campaign pledge could get stuck in red tape

President Trump vowed during the campaign to deport millions of illegal immigrants, but his plans could be short-circuited by a massive backlog and looming judge shortage that threaten to slow deportation cases to a crawl.  While the administration is tackling the case backlog that built up during the Obama administration, the problem won’t be easy to fix, according to a ...

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