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China developing advanced spaceship that can land on the moon

Beijing –  China is developing an advanced new spaceship capable of both flying in low-Earth orbit and landing on the moon, according to state media, in another bold step for a space program that equaled the U.S. in number of rocket launches last year. The newspaper Science and Technology Daily cited spaceship engineer Zhang Bainian as saying the new craft ...

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DIGGING DEEPER: Trump-touted Caterpillar reportedly accused of tax fraud in government report

Caterpillar, the construction-equipment giant that saw three of its central Illinois facilities raided last week by federal law enforcement, was accused of tax and accounting fraud in a report commissioned by the government. The New York Times said it viewed the report, which has not been made public or made available to Caterpillar. “Caterpillar did not comply with either U.S. ...

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Maine city considers offering jobs to panhandlers

Kenny Chapman, right, 53, receives coins from a man, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, in downtown Cleveland.  (AP) PORTLAND, Maine –  Officials in Maine’s largest city are considering offering panhandlers work to keep them off the streets. The Portland Press Herald reports the city is working on a 36-week pilot program that would offer panhandlers an opportunity to work for $10.68 ...

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Israel moves toward decriminalizing marijuana use

Oct. 30, 2012: Moshe Rute, 80, smokes medical cannabis at the old age nursery home in kibbutz Naan next to the city of Rehovot, Israel. Marijuana is illegal in Israel but medical use has been permitted since the early nineties for cancer patients and those with pain-related illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.  (AP) JERUSALEM ...

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