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Hong Kong police, protesters face off in fresh clashes as fights break out over 'Lennon Walls' tear-down

Hong Kong police and anti-government protesters faced off again Saturday in renewed clashes over ramped-up demands for China to cease encroaching on personal freedoms in the semi-autonomous territory. Several thousand people marched in the northwest district of Tuen Mun and reporters saw at least one person arrested. Protesters threw gasoline bombs and bricks at police and police fired tear gas. There were no reports ...

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Yemen's Houthi rebels announce halt in attacks on Saudi Arabia

Yemen’s Houthi rebels said Friday they are halting all drone and ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, six days after claiming responsibility for a strike that crippled a key oil facility in the kingdom. The announcement could be the first step toward a wider ceasefire in Yemen, but its effect remained unclear, and there was no immediate response from the ...

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Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro grows beard so he's not confused with twin brother, 2020 Dem Julián Castro

Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro — the twin brother of 2020 candidate Julián Castro — says he’s grown a beard to help anyone avoid confusing the two, which seemingly happens often enough. The Democratic congressman, who’s served since 2013, joked last week that he was experimenting with facial hair to differentiate himself from his brother, who’s currently on the campaign trail seeking the Democratic presidential ...

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Cannes movie poster depicts decapitated Trump in 'MAGA' hat

A B-movie poster courted controversy at the Cannes Film Festival’s Market by featuring a bikini-clad woman resembling first lady Melania Trump holding two decapitated heads — one of them a President Trump-like character wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. The poster, for a 90-minute sci-fi thriller called “When Women Rule the World,” featured the tagline: “Meet the first lady of the future with her ...

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