NASCAR's flag ban opens sport to diverse new crowd

A sign at the entrance to Daytona International Speedway warned spectators the Confederate flag was not welcome on property. Its presence, NASCAR wrote, “runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment.” Pass through the tunnel and onto the sprawling grounds and not a single Confederate flag was flying over the campsites. If any had been smuggled ...

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Famed dune buggy designer Bruce Meyers dead at 94

Dune buggy designer Bruce Meyers died in his California home on Friday at age 94. Meyers created the Meyers Manx kit for converting Volkswagen Beetles into open-top off-roaders in the 1960s and the iconic vehicles became a mainstay of California beach culture. Meyers died from the blood disease myelodysplasia, Autoweek reported. “You know, it was just his time,” his Winnie ...

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Senior, single, and ready to mingle? These cities are 'great' for older singles, according to the AARP

Sometimes Cupid shoots his shot later in life. And he seems to be particularly active in big cities, according to the American Association of Retired Persons, the nation’s leading nonprofit dedicated to empowering the 50-and-older crowd. The group recently published a list of great cities for older singles who are looking to start something new. The cities highlighted in AARP’s list are allegedly “more conducive ...

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TikTok balance challenge is a breeze for women — not so easy for men

Women are the superior sex — at least when it comes to this TikTok stunt. A TikTok balance challenge that men reportedly “can’t do” is taking social media by storm — and resulting in some pretty hilarious pratfalls. A video of the off-kilter experiment currently boasts millions of views on the platform. Also dubbed the “gravity” challenge, the stunt requires participants to kneel on ...

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Village of tiny homes combats homelessness in Los Angeles area

There’s a new “village” in Los Angeles — and it’s filled with tiny homes. Earlier this month, nonprofit Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission opened its first “Tiny Home Village,” to help combat homelessness.  The first village — which was built on Chandler Boulevard in partnership with the City of Los Angeles — has 40 tiny homes and 75 beds ...

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The 5 best places to get married: Survey

There are some cities that are better suited for weddings than others. At least that’s what the personal finance resource WalletHub is saying with its new “Best Places to Get Married” report for 2021. Analysts and relationship experts worked with WalletHub to rank 182 cities across three key dimensions, including costs, facilities and services and safety. And those three dimensions ...

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