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Otto Warmbier’s injuries renew focus on North Korea’s infamous torture camps

The case of American student Otto Warmbier, who sustained serious injuries while he was detained in North Korea, is renewing the focus on the horrors that prisoners face in North Korea’s infamous torture camps.  Officials at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Warmbier is being treated, said that while there is no physical evidence he was beaten, his “extensive ...

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Doctor: Otto Warmbier has extensive brain damage

CINCINNATI –  An American college student imprisoned by North Korea has extensive brain damage and is unresponsive to his surroundings, the doctors treating him said Thursday. A medical team from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center described Otto Warmbier’s condition as a “state of unresponsive wakefulness” and did not say — at the request of his family — whether the ...

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London high-rise fire: May orders public investigation as death toll rises to 17

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday ordered a full public investigation into the London high-rise fire that killed at least 17 people, a toll that was likely to rise.  May made her announcement after she toured the devastation. She earlier had promised a “proper investigation” to the cause of the fire.  Forty-four households received emergency accommodation. Investigators said they ...

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Reinventing the tire

Michelin has developed a new way to change a tire. Its Vision concept is an airless ‘tweel’ made from 3D-printed bio-sourced materials that allow for new and different treads to be applied as they wear down or the seasons change. Related Image Expand / Collapse Designed to mimic the structure of coral, it is stiff at the center and gets ...

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WILL IT COLLAPSE? London high-rise in massive blaze; 6 killed

At least six people are dead in London and dozens more are missing after fire ripped through a 24-floor residential apartment building early Wednesday. More than 200 firefighters were battling the inferno – which officials called an “unprecedented incident” — that left at least 74 being treated at local hospitals, with 20 people in critical care. One witness, who identified ...

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