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Get brighter, glowing skin with these tips

Follow these tips for a brighter glowing complexion  (iStock) While most of us strive to achieve a picture-perfect complexion, annoying factors like acne, hormones and sun damage can wreak havoc, leaving behind spotty, scarred or dull skin. Luckily there are a number of products and treatments designed to help you achieve brighter, more radiant skin. Start at home by reaching ...

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Texas cops seek 'tough guy' after violent sucker punch

Alejandro Maldonado, 18, is wanted by Rosenberg police after authorities said he sucker punched a person on video.  (Rosenberg police ) Authorities in Texas said Wednesday that they are seeking an 18-year-old who allegedly sucker-punched someone from behind in an incident that was caught on a closed-circuit camera. Alejandro Maldonado, 18, is wanted by Rosenberg police. Authorities reportedly called the ...

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Girl falls down manhole, breaks both ankles

A pedestrian passes a manhole.  (Reuters) A 9-year-old girl broke both her ankles after falling 12 feet through an open manhole and being stranded for an hour before a passerby heard her yells for help. Grace Knox was on her way to Southside Elementary School in Buffalo, N.Y., around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday when she suddenly fell into the manhole that ...

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Disneyland's Jingle Cruise might be gone forever

Is Disneyland getting rid of the classic holiday-themed ride?  (iStock) Between the oversized trees, snow falling on Main Street, and blink-and-they’re-gone candy canes for sale, there’s plenty to celebrate at Disneyland this Christmas. For Adventureland fans, though, there may be one less present under the tree. That’s because Jingle Cruise, the seasonal re-theming of Disneyland’s historic Jungle Cruise attraction, will ...

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