Dump truck hits bridge so hard it moves 6 feet

As if the U.S. didn’t already have enough infrastructure issues.

A dump trailer truck with its dumper raised slammed into a Georgia highway overpass early Thursday morning so hard that it moved it six feet.

“It’s something our engineers have never seen before,” a Georgia Department of Transportation spokesperson said.

The incident took place around 1:30 a.m. on Interstate 16 in Soperton where it passes under SR-86.

No one was injured and it hasn’t yet been determined if the dumper full of tractor tires was in the wrong position due to driver error or a malfunction.

The major artery that connects Macon and Savannah will be closed in both directions until the bridge deck is demolished and lanes are cleared.


The GTOD told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it hopes to have at least one lane open in each direction by Sunday.

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