Leaked image suggests 2021 Ford Bronco has 'convertible' tube doors

The new Ford Bronco may be tubular, bro.

Ford has promised that its all-new SUV will launch with dozens of accessories when it goes on sale next June, but full details have not yet been released.

This prototype shows some of the possible accessories that will be available for the Ford Bronco.

This prototype shows some of the possible accessories that will be available for the Ford Bronco.

There will certainly be various racks and mounts and lights aimed at off-road driving, camping and other outdoor activities, but one potentially unique feature may have been uncovered.


By fiddling around with the website address for the Bronco page on the Ford website, the Bronco6G.com fan forum came across an odd-looking image hidden within. It shows a Bronco with tubular doors superimposed over the regular doors.


While the image is likely unfinished or a glitch, the tubular doors are very much like those offered for the Jeep Wrangler. The design provides an open-air experience off-road combined with some added protection.

It’s almost a given that Ford will offer something like them for the Bronco, but there may be more to it.

A patent application filed in February described a “convertible vehicle door” that combined a lightweight outer shell, with a body panel and electric that can be easily removed from a frame, equipped with hinges and a latch.

While it’s not clear from the uncovered image if the tubular structures could accommodate a skin, the tops end exactly at the bottom of the window line, so they look like a perfect fit. A previous patent described naked tubular doors with accommodations for a side impact airbag, so it’s possible one of them is hidden in there too.


What is for certain is that the Bronco’s standard, frameless doors are removable and can be neatly stowed in the cargo area, which isn’t possible with the Jeep Wrangler.


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