Chevy E-10 pickup runs on electricity, not ethanol

Chevy’s new electric pickup looks very old.

The E-10 is a 1962 C-10 single cab truck that’s been modified with a battery-powered drivetrain.

The lowrider pickup debuting at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas features a prototype eCrate powertrain designed as an easy swap for an internal combustion engine. The automaker first demonstrated the idea in the eCopo Camaro drag racing car unveiled at SEMA last year.

The E-10 uses two of the motors rated at 450 hp combined that connect to a four-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. They draw power from two Chevy Bolt electric car battery packs that fill up the bed. Chevy says the truck is capable of accelerating to 60 mph in five seconds and covering a quarter-mile in 13 seconds as it plays emulated V8 sounds through three speakers.

Although not available yet, Chevy is considering offering the eCrate to car builders in the coming years and is using the E-10 to gauge interest.

Along with this custom build, General Motors is working on a production electric pickup that could enter production as soon as 2021, according to reports.


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