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Colombia's FARC concealing weapons despite deal, intelligence analysts say

BOGOTA –  Guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Colombia (FARC) are concealing vital components of their arsenal, according to intelligence analysts, including sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles they agreed to surrender in a peace deal signed with the Colombian government last year. In the agreement, FARC committed to turn over its stocks of weapons and explosives within the first six months of 2017 in exchange for ...

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WARNING SHOTS FIRED: Expert says Kim Jong-Un may go into hiding

The U.S. bombardment of a Syrian airbase just outside of Homs Friday was likely seen by North Korea as a clear warning that President Trump will use his military if United States interests are at risk. The immediate focus after the strikes was on Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s reaction. Russia was not happy with the U.S., it spoke in defense of ...

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Civilians in Mosul caught in crossfire amid ISIS fight – VIDEO: Footage of life on Mosul's frontlines

Dramatic new video from the ISIS stronghold of Mosul captures the pitched battle between the black-clad jihadist army and the U.S.-backed Iraqi forces – and the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. Airing Monday on Fox News’ “Shepard Smith Reporting,” the Sky News video captured the firefights, damage and desperation as the world’s most feared terrorist group makes its last ...

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PIRATES FILL VOID Migrant crisis reportedly to blame for Somalian attack

Military analysts reportedly warned that a pirate attack off Somalia was imminent because assets used in the European Union’s anti-piracy program have been diverted to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Alan Cole, the head of the United Nation’s maritime crime program on drugs and crime, told U.K.’s The Times newspaper that a high-profile attack was only a matter of ...

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Massive statue of Egyptian ruler discovered in Cairo slum

A boy rides his his bicycle past a recently discovered statue in a Cairo slum that may be of pharaoh Ramses II, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, March 10, 2017. Archeologists in Egypt have discovered a massive statue that may be of pharaoh Ramses II, one of the country’s most famous ancient rulers. The colossus, whose head was pulled from mud ...

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China developing advanced spaceship that can land on the moon

Beijing –  China is developing an advanced new spaceship capable of both flying in low-Earth orbit and landing on the moon, according to state media, in another bold step for a space program that equaled the U.S. in number of rocket launches last year. The newspaper Science and Technology Daily cited spaceship engineer Zhang Bainian as saying the new craft ...

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