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Your brain knows when you've just died, researchers say

FILE: Researchers from New York’s NYU Langone School of Medicine said people are aware that they died, and might be able to hear a doctor announcing their death.  (Reuters) Researchers at New York University’s Langone School of Medicine said in an interview that people who’ve temporarily died are aware that their life has ended, and might be able to hear ...

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CMA Awards 2017: Who are the country music performers and nominees?

Country music singer Miranda Lambert is nominated for five CMA Awards this year. The 51st Annual CMA Awards will take place on Nov. 8.  (Reuters) Country music stars will compete for honors at the 51st Annual CMA Awards next month in Nashville, Tenn.  Singers Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will co-host this year’s event. It’s their 10th time emceeing the ...

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Fake news ads are reportedly popping up on fact-checking websites

Fake news ads are reportedly popping up on fact-checking websites. The New York Times reported that as recent as last week, these ads were found on sites like PolitiFact and Snopes. The report said the ads took the reader to sites that looked like major media websites, like Vogue and People. The headlines read, for example, “Melania Trump is leaving ...

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Texas man's execution halted amid alleged confession scheme

HUNTSVILLE, Texas –  A judge on Wednesday halted the execution of a man known as the Houston area’s “Tourniquet Killer” so authorities can investigate an alleged scheme in which the inmate says a fellow death row prisoner asked him to confess to another killing. Anthony Allen Shore was scheduled to be given a lethal injection Wednesday evening, but the judge ...

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Burger King goes after bullying in strange new ad

Burger King’s new campaign focuses on bullying and … ruining customers’ sandwiches?  (iStock) October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Burger King is joining forces with NoBully.org to bring awareness to the cause with a new video advertisement. The anti-bullying campaign, which the burger chain describes as “eye-opening” in a press release, “brings the issue even closer to home with ...

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Up in smoke: Wildfires scorch California pot crop at harvest

GLEN ELLEN, Calif. –  Desperate to see if wildfires had damaged his farm, Marcos Morales gunned his four-wheel-drive station wagon along the hidden dirt roads that crisscross Sonoma County vineyards. After evading police roadblocks and passing vintners’ well-tended pools and houses, he finally arrived to a disheartening sight: Scores of his marijuana plants had been destroyed, and a barn that ...

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