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Europe’s flourishing gunmakers

IT WAS a blunder by Heckler & Koch, a big German gunmaker. On February 15th the firm apologised for a “mistake” after its American subsidiary posted a Valentine’s image showing a handgun surrounded by ammunition arranged in the shape of a heart. The image went out to social media shortly after a deadly school shooting in Florida. The post was ...

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Signals may be from missing sub, Argentina's navy says

The Argentine military submarine ARA San Juan and crew are seen leaving the port of Buenos Aires, June 2, 2014.  (Reuters) Hope grew Saturday night that the crew of Agentina’s missing submarine, the ARA San Juan, might still be alive. Argentina’s navy said it detected seven brief satellite calls late Saturday that officials believe may have come from the submarine, ...

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Mexican cartels extorting avocado producers raises price of guacamole, report says

The Mexican attorney general’s office said organized crime cells are using government records to identify and eventually extort avocado producers.  (Reuters) Next time a restaurant tells you “Guac will be extra,” this might be the reason why. Mexican drug cartels are behind increases in the cost of avocados exported to the U.S., shaking down avocado farmers who are reeling from ...

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Haqqani captors killed child, raped wife, Canadian ex-hostage says

After landing in Canada with his family Friday night, Canadian ex-hostage Joshua Boyle told reporters some frightening news about his family’s ordeal in Afghanistan. He said the Haqqani network, which held him and his wife captive for five years, had killed his infant daughter in captivity and raped his wife. Boyle landed in Canada late Friday with his American wife ...

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Could the human remains found in Aruba be Natalee Holloway? Experts weigh in – Natalee Holloway's father speaks out on discovery: 'I was shocked'

Human remains recently found in Aruba during the latest search for clues in the disappearance of American student Natalee Holloway 12 years ago has many asking if her family might finally find closure. “It could be her remains, the definitive thing would be doing the DNA tests,” Dr. Michael Baden, former New York City chief medical examiner, told Fox News ...

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GOING FREE? Venezuelan official seeks release of jailed American

CARACAS, Venezuela –  A Utah man detained for more than a year on weapons charges in Venezuela might get released from jail. The country’s chief prosecutor requested on Friday the conditional release of Joshua Holt and his wife Thamara Candelo, citing repeated delays by the court overseeing the case. Additionally, the petition would bar them from leaving Venezuela while awaiting ...

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