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How John Young smuggled a corned-beef sandwich into space

John Young (left) and Gus Grissom flew on the first crewed Gemini flight, Gemini 3, on March 23, 1965. Here, they’re shown in the spacecraft simulator at the McDonnell plant in St. Louis. One additional “passenger” on the real flight was a corned-beef sandwich that Young smuggled aboard in his pocket.  (NASA/MSFC Archives) While John Young, who died on Jan. ...

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Meteorite's origins point to possible undiscovered asteroid

The Bunburra Rockhole meteorite was discovered in Australia.  (Imperial College London) A new analysis of a meteorite called Bunburra Rockhole has revealed that the rock originated from a previously unknown parent asteroid, allowing scientists to understand the geology of the parent body. The parent body was differentiated, meaning that it was large enough to separate into a core, mantle and crust, ...

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