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Hong Kong police, protesters face off in fresh clashes as fights break out over 'Lennon Walls' tear-down

Hong Kong police and anti-government protesters faced off again Saturday in renewed clashes over ramped-up demands for China to cease encroaching on personal freedoms in the semi-autonomous territory. Several thousand people marched in the northwest district of Tuen Mun and reporters saw at least one person arrested. Protesters threw gasoline bombs and bricks at police and police fired tear gas. There were no reports ...

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'Missing' British Hong Kong consulate employee detained in China for violating 'public order': officials

The British Consulate employee in Hong Kong who was reported missing after a business trip to China has been detained for 15 days after he allegedly violated a public order, Chinese officials confirmed Wednesday. Foreign Ministry spokesman Gen Shuang said at a briefing that Simon Cheng Man-kit, 28, was sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention in Shenzhen after he allegedly violated a law ...

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China's 'deadbeats' barred from planes, high-speed trains, have special ring tones because of bad credit

Some 13 million citizens deemed ‘deadbeats’ are prohibited from taking airplanes or high-speed trains, meaning they are sometimes forced to take cross-country expeditions in cramped and crowded slow trains that can take days. (The Associated Press) Daily life has become pretty slow and sticky for the 13 million Chinese citizens deemed “deadbeats” by their Communist ruling party. But despite little being known ...

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Japan still has great influence on global financial markets

IT IS the summer of 1979 and Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, the everyman-hero of John Updike’s series of novels, is running a car showroom in Brewer, Pennsylvania. There is a pervasive mood of decline. Local textile mills have closed. Gas prices are soaring. No one wants the traded-in, Detroit-made cars clogging the lot. Yet Rabbit is serene. His is a Toyota ...

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How the medical-tourism business thrives

IN THE tiny Croatian town of Zabok patients arrive in their thousands each year from across Europe and the Middle East, seeking replacement hips or knees at the St Catherine hospital, which specialises in orthopaedic work. Some come for treatment they cannot get at home, others to escape long waiting-lists for public health care or high prices for private operations. ...

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Japanese banks’ foreign exposure may threaten financial stability

THE maelstrom that hit global financial markets a decade ago is known in Japan as the Lehman Shock, after the bankruptcy of the American investment bank that caused it. Japanese banks themselves escaped relatively unscathed, owing to defences built during the 1990s, when the country struggled with deflation and excessive debt. But they seem to have forgotten the lesson. Risk-taking ...

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