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Hawaii volcano eruption intensifies, triggering 'red' warning

PAHALA, Hawaii –  Hawaii residents are facing the highest volcanic activity alert after officials warned Tuesday that the Big Island’s Kilauea volcano is growing more explosive — as a massive ash cloud grows in the sky.  The U.S. Geological Survery upgraded its previous volcano warning from “orange” to “red,” signifying that an “eruption is forecasted to be imminent with significant emission of ...

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Brit model almost sold online as sex slave renews Congress' push to take on Internet giants

A British model’s harrowing ordeal – lured to a phony photo shoot, shot up with drugs and slated to be auctioned off as a sex slave – is exactly the kind of exploitation U.S. lawmakers are seeking to prevent with new legislation that could pit them against some of the Internet’s biggest companies. Twenty-year-old Chloe Ayling answered an online solicitation ...

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