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MoviePass’s useful financial horror show

There goes $242m EVEN by the standards of Hollywood, it sounds an unlikely pitch—an app that offers almost unlimited access to cinemas for $10 a month. The service, called MoviePass, pays cinemas full price for nearly every ticket that filmgoers use. By design, it loses more money the more people use it. The ending seems to be predictable. But might ...

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Tim Tebow doubles in minor league All-Star Game

Eastern Division’s Tim Tebow watches from the dugout after the Eastern League All-Star Double-A baseball game.  (AP) New York Mets prospect Tim Tebow was the must-see star of the Eastern League’s All-Star Game on Wednesday night and he hit a double in his first at-bat. Tebow started as the East Division’s designated hitter and batted ninth. He doubled off Detroit ...

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Moments from the FIFA World Cup in Russia

Moments from the FIFA World Cup in Russia – Croatia fans support their team during the semi-final match at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on Wednesday. Croatia beat England 2-1 to qualify for the final. Ivan Perisic of Croatia scores his side’s first goal. Perisic of Croatia celebrates scoring. A Croatia fan enjoys the atmosphere. Mario Mandzukic of Croatia scores ...

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Investors are gorging on American assets

ECONOMISTS think prices, like spilt ketchup, are sticky. They move only slowly as firms digest economic conditions. Financial markets are an exception. Computerised trading by thousands of participants means prices, especially of currencies, can move in a McFlurry. Since The Economist last updated the Big Mac index (BMI), our lighthearted guide to currency valuation, burger prices have remained constant in ...

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Mormons grapple with race decades after ban on black leaders

SALT LAKE CITY –  The Mormon church on Friday celebrated the 40th anniversary of reversing its ban on black people serving in the lay priesthood, going on missions or getting married in temples, rekindling debate about one of the faith’s most sensitive topics. The number of black Mormons has grown but still only accounts for an estimated 6 percent of ...

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