Former NFL QB Garcia withdraws from role in draft

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia will not be announcing a pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the 2018 NFL Draft.

Garcia initially announced on Twitter that he would call the Buccaneers’ third-round selection before stating that he “could care less” abut the draft itself when informed that the team doesn’t have that pick anymore.

The NFL reportedly wanted Garcia to attend the event, but the 48-year-old wrote on Twitter that he doesn’t see the point.

“I took myself out,” Garcia wrote on Twitter. “There’s not a pick & there’s not time for me to just hang out, Dad first. Proud of my time as a Buc, love the fans. I left everything on the field for that team, broken nose, broken back, a NFC South Div Title. No regrets. Hope that they have a great draft.”

Garcia also took issue when his “could care less” remark drew negative attention, writing that “the media grabs only what they see as controversial and exploits it without any repercussions.”

For what it’s worth, the Buccaneers’ third-round pick went to the New York Giants in a trade last month involving defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. The teams also swapped fourth-round picks in that deal, with the Buccaneers’ current fourth-round pick scheduled to be delivered by a parrot from the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium, the team announced on Monday.

Garcia, who threw for 25 touchdowns in two seasons (2007-08) with the Buccaneers, apologized on Tuesday over Twitter.

“My bad @Buccaneers fans … I wouldn’t have said it was an honor if it wasn’t but I would have liked to have been informed that they didn’t have a 3rd before I tweeted it,” Garcia wrote. “(Just) was a bit of embarrassment. Loved my time in Tampa & the fans.”

Garcia played for the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles and Buccaneers during an NFL career that spanned from 1999-2009. He began his professional career with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League and finished with almost 42,000 yards passing.

Garcia’s accomplishments include being a four-time CFL All-Star and league MVP in 1997, 1998 Grey Cup title and four NFL Pro Bowl invitations.

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