Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters back from suspension

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peters sat out Sunday’s game against Oakland with a one-game suspension handed down by head coach Andy Reid.

Peters earned the penalty for a series of incidents during and after last week’s loss to the New York Jets, including an on-the-field meltdown and alleged altercation with a coach on the team’s bus following the game.

Reid declined Monday to confirm the incident on the bus or discuss any specifics of Peter’s suspension.

“I don’t get into all that,” Reid said. “I just kind of stated what I stated. I’m not getting into all that. He’s back in and we’re ready to roll.”

Peters returned from the suspension on Monday, and Reid said he plans for Peters to start Saturday night against the Los Angeles Chargers.

“The suspension’s over, and now he’s back in and ready to roll,” Reid said. “That’s the way I’m going to handle it, I know that’s the way he’ll handle it. Whatever wrong took place, he paid that price and now he’s back and I expect nothing but the best from him.”

The Chiefs secondary delivered an exemplary performance Sunday despite the absence of Peters. Cornerback Terrance Mitchell started in his place at left corner and picked up an interception and four tackles along with breaking up three passes. But Reid gave credit to defensive coordinator Bob Sutton for changes in the defensive line for the team’s standout performance against Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

“I think it was probably more the changes, and they were subtle little things, but just moving people around a little bit on the front,” Reid said. “He had a nice little scheme there going. It wasn’t as much on the back end as it was on the front end there, but it sure looked good.”

Reid indicated he expects the club to welcome Peters back this week.

“I know he loves to play the game, that’s what I know,” Reid said. “He’s a big part of this team so he’ll be back in and ready to go.”

–Quarterback Alex Smith had a relatively quiet afternoon in Sunday’s 26-15 win over Oakland, but his 268 passing yards give him 3,507 yards through the air this season, setting a career high.

That total eclipses the 3,502 yards Smith posted last season. He also ranks tied for fifth in the league with 23 touchdown passes, which equals his career best.

But head coach Andy Reid isn’t ready to rank this as Smith’s best season quite yet.

“I think he’s done a nice job, yeah,” Reid said. “We’re not to the end yet, I don’t know exactly how to evaluate that right now. I probably would do him wrong doing that. I know he’s playing good football and we’ve still got games left.”

The Chiefs entered the 2017 season with Super Bowl aspirations, so Reid wants to see how his team finishes its season before handing out his report card.

“That’s the neat thing about football,” Reid said, “you don’t get that full grade until you’re done with the season, but he’s sure done a nice job up this point.”

–The Chiefs’ offense on Sunday turned in its second strong outing since Reid turned over play-calling to offensive coordinator Matt Nagy. The head coach praised his protege for handling the job with aplomb thus far.

“I think he’s doing a super job there, a real good job,” Reid said. “He and the quarterback are on the same page and it’s good energy.”

Smith agreed with Reid’s assessment. He said Nagy and Reid along with assistant head coach Brad Childress continue putting together creative game plans.

“I think those guys do such a great job, the whole offensive staff collaborating always, those guys are always talking, brainstorming,” Smith said. “I think they all have a hand in it.”

Smith acknowledge one small benefit with Nagy calling the plays. When Reid calls plays, Nagy relays the signal to Smith via the headset in his helmet. With Nagy calling the plays, Smith gets a few extra seconds to analyze the defense pre-snap.

“So without the relay, sometimes it can get in quicker, but that’s a small thing, you’re talking a couple seconds,” Smith said.

Reid sees plenty of benefits to Nagy calling the plays and expects to continue for now.

“It allows me to see some things, work other areas but I think he’s doing a nice job,” Reid said.

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